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Starry Night

A couple of nights ago, I drove home and when I got out of the car, I stared up at the sky for a few minutes. It was a clear Kauai night and the stars were like a huge crowd of brightly lit faces smiling at me. I wondered what they saw when the gazed up at their sky... read more

Dear Shane

I’ve been stuck recently on feeling that to keep writing the way I do and not pay attention to the world I’m living in is not possible. One of the reasons for steering clear of this turd pile is that there are already an infinite number of people fighting for... read more

Lavender Jeans

My Sundays are hysterically choreographed when I ride with the Sons of Kauai, which is most every Sunday, barring a hurricane or tsunami. We are not talking about the threat of serious weather either, we’d have to be in the midst 100 mph winds to not roll out Flaming... read more

You Can Take It With You

At this moment I am on Lufthansa Flt. 474, from Munich to Montreal, around seven hours long. It is Monday, the 18th and I left Tuscany this morning for the ride to the Florence airport and that place is a circus, very small and very chaotic. My flight to Munich was... read more

Pizza With Knife And Fork

I can’t believe I have waited all this time to tell you, but pizza is NOT sliced here in Italy. You get a pie that sits neatly on a plate and you get a knife and fork because that is how you eat a meal. We are always in such a goddamn hurry that we focus on the finish... read more


“If I’m not far away from myself, I’m not far away from home” Me I’m back on my bed in my Hugh Hefner robe. I had a great dinner in my regular haunt, Bar Visconti. I walk in now and the entire staff lines up at the entrance to greet me. I politely acknowledge them,... read more

Mozart, Bach and Bowie

We are in a race against time. I want to share my day with you and it is already passed my bedtime. I am propped up on my bed and trying to figure out where the hell to begin the day and that’s tricky. The last half of my day had a tremendous impact on the beginning,... read more

Little Boy Lost

My first morning here at Castello di Casole was a seamless continuation of yesterday’s experience. I decided to get breakfast before starting my usual routine of yoga and running. I have already told you about dinner and how I was truly overwhelmed by the service,... read more

Furry Slippers

I have to get this down quickly, because I am really tired, but don’t want to wait until tomorrow. This story will be gone and replaced by another one and we can’t have that, now can we? Just as planned, Dimitri met me at the pharmacy adjacent to the Florence train... read more

Morning Silence

I am sitting in my Lucca kitchen on my last morning here. Even here, I have created some small habits that anchor me just a bit in these unfamiliar waters I have been floating in for a while now. I get up and grab a couple of pillows to stand in for my Zen cushion. I... read more


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